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  • The third day of detoxification and weight loss program

    Today ended the third day of the program of detoxification and weight loss in hotel Medena. Today and yesterday we started with daily morning exercises near the sea, and around noon went for a long walk. Yesterday we visited a ... »

  • The fifth program of detoxification and weight loss started at Hotel Medena

    The fifth program of detoxification and weight loss this year began at Hotel Medena. This program is attended by most participants so far, 22 of them. The start of the program marked the sunny and warm weather, and the nocturnal ... »

  • Type of diet and weight gain in women

    Obesity has become one of the biggest health problems in the United States. It is estimated that as many as two-thirds of adult Americans suffer from obesity. For the main cause of excessive weight gain is considered to be an ... »

  • (Hrvatski) Influence of lifestyles on elevated blood pressure

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Croatian.

  • The seventh day of detoxification and weight loss program

    Today, we have finished the seventh day of the program, and we have entered the program’s final. As the rain and the wind blew today, we walked along the route around Seget Vranjica. In the evening, after the afternoon practice, ... »

  • Sixth day of detoxification and weight loss program

    We have successfully completed the sixth day of the Detoxification and weight loss program. Today, we are doing daily morning exercise by the sea as well as afternoon exercises in the gym. Instead of the hill, today we walked to Trogir, where ... »

  • 2nd Flower Festival – Trogirski cvit

    Today, the 2nd Flower Festival – Trogirski cvit started in Trogir. The festival runs from 27.4. to 1.5.2017. The festival takes place in the tower of Kamerlengo and in front of it. Various workshops and lectures are held at the ... »

  • Continuation of detoxification and weight loss program at Hotel Medena

    Detoxification and weight loss program at Hotel Medena continues on schedule. Yesterday, after the morning exercises by the sea, we walked by the wind park on Jelinak hill. After a rest and afternoon walk we watched a documentary filming during ... »

  • The fourth program of detoxification and weight loss this year has started

    On Saturday, started the fourth program of detoxification and weight loss this year at Hotel Medena. The program takes place under the expert guidance of Mrs. Maja Zupančič. This program stands out for the largest number of participants so far. ... »

  • The fourth this year’s program of detoxification and weight loss

    The fourth this year’s program of detoxification and weight loss starts tomorrow at Hotel Medena. In this program, we expect the largest ever number of participants, and we hope that as well as all current flow in a happy and ... »

  • Social classes and quality of nutrition

    Numerous epidemiological data point to the association of belonging to a social class with the quality of the food being consumed. That is why scientific research has been carried out to investigate the association of belonging to a social class ... »

  • Increased consumption and variety of fruit and vegetables and the impact of type 2 diabetes

    Diabetes is becoming more common in the world. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes, which occurs in 90% of cases of diabetes. Usually occurs after the age of forty, and one of the main reasons for ... »

  • Consumption of fruits, vegetables and olive oil and the risk of coronary heart disease

    Today, the most common cause of death is diseases associated with the circulatory system and heart. These diseases affect both women and men. Like other chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease can act preventively to change lifestyles and habits. First of all ... »

  • The influence of the Mediterranean diet on erectile dysfunction

    Metabolic syndrome is a group of metabolic disorders. Characterize by accumulation of fat in the abdominal region and at least one of the following metabolic abnormalities: type II diabetes, obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and insulin resistance. Today is very widespread, and ... »

  • The impact of reducing the weight and changing lifestyles on vascular inflammatory markers

    Everyone is a known fact how unhealthy obesity is, and what negative effects have on our health. Obesity is a chronic disease, and is one cause of a number of other chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and heart disease, ... »

  • Night view from hotel Medena

    Look at the beautiful night view from the hotel Medena. The view stretches from Seget and Trogir to the starry sky above the islands Čiovo and Drvenik.  

  • The increased consumption of fruits and vegetables and an increase in antioxidant capacity of human plasma

    Known and proven is the positive effect of increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in the risk of chronic diseases, and positive influence on the antioxidant nutrients. So today is recommended 2-3 servings of fruits and 3-5 servings of vegetables ... »

  • Eating fruits and vegetables in childhood reduces the likelihood of cancer later

    Although it has repeatedly proved the relationship between lifestyles and the occurrence of chronic diseases, every day is conducted new scientific studies that bring new insights into the connection between lifestyle and the occurrence of chronic diseases and the impact ... »

  • Who are low consumers of fruits and vegetables

    Nutrition is one of life styles. The consumption of sufficient amounts of fruit and vegetables proven protect against of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and blood vessel diseases. Unfortunately, today all do not consume enough fruits and vegetables ... »

  • Castor oil packs

    Although Castor (Ricinus communis) is considered one of the most poisonous plants, and all of its components is very toxic, Castor oil is very beneficial. Due to its medicinal properties, among the people’s even got the name of Christ palm. ... »

  • he success of interventions to change diet

    It is known that the diet as a lifestyle associated with the emergence of chronic diseases. Primarily refers to saturated fats and fruit and vegetable intake. So was conducted scientific research as the effectiveness of interventions in dietary habit changes ... »

  • Changing lifestyles and the impact on breast cancer

    Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. As a leading risk factor, according to exposure of women to oestrogen throughout life, early first menstruation and late menopause, a large number of menstrual cycles and the use ... »

  • Factors affecting food choice

    It is now known that fruit and vegetables protect against a number of diseases, most of the cardiovascular diseases and cancers. It is recommended to place the daily diet as many fruits and vegetables, and reduce the consumption of red ... »

  • New blood test and the prediction of heart attack

    “Journal of the American College of Cardiology” has announced that a new blood test significantly increases the chances of detecting heart disease, and helps in the early detection of heart disease. A new blood test is much more successful than ... »

  • The impact of changes in lifestyle and diet for long-term weight gain

    Obesity has now become one of the biggest health problems. An increasing number of people suffer from overweight and obesity, which has resulted in the emergence of many chronic diseases, and even death. Although it is commonly thought that the ... »

  • The impact of lifestyle changes on the prevention of cancer

    In today’s world, from cancer dies most people. Every year from various types of cancer are diagnosed more than 10 million people worldwide. According to forecasts, in 2020 cancer will develop in 15 million people and 12 million people will ... »

  • Lecture in Brodotrogir: Health or Sickness – Is It Our Own Choice?

    Last month at the Shipyard Brodotrogir was holding a lecture titled “Health or disease-elect alone?”. A lecture was held by, the head of our program of detoxification and weight loss, Mrs. Maja Zupančič and Dr. Ivan Vladić, an abdominal surgeon ... »

  • The health program “Education to health and quality of life”, Zagreb, hotel Tomislavov dom

    City of Zagreb, respectively the City Department of Health and the Association for Obesity Prevention, are organizing the Health Programme “Education to health and quality of life.” The program is held at the hotel Tomislavov Dom from 10 to 03/18/2017. ... »

  • The impact of the use of Propolis and bee pollen in raising chickens

    Today in the world is growing consumption of poultry meat. The increase in consumption of poultry meat is present in developed countries, but also in developing countries. The increase in consumption is attributed to the fact that the poultry meat ... »

  • The effects of lifestyle changes to diet, weight, physical condition and blood pressure

    There is a growing influence of bad lifestyle and habits such as irregular (suboptimal) diet and lack of physical activity on the incidence of chronic diseases. It is now known bad way of life directly influences the occurrence of diseases ... »

  • The fifth day of the program of detoxification and weight loss

    On the fifth day of the program we walked to the church of St. Ilija above Trogir. Way to the church leads by Path of Health, the old “Napoleon road”, built in the reign of the French over Dalmatia in ... »

  • The fourth day of detoxication and weight loss programme

    The fourth day of the program, as well as the previous three passed in longer and more demanding walks. After the exercise by the sea, we climbing up the hill Jelinak. Hill Jelinak is located in Trogir hinterland above the ... »

  • Correlation between consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fruit juices with diabetes

    One of the main causes of various chronic diseases, today is an unhealthy diet. Today on the menus in developed countries dominated meat and meat products, pastry, sweetened and carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners, genetically modified foods and foods enriched with ... »

  • Started the third this year’s program of detoxification and weight loss

    3/11/2017 at hotel Medena started the third this year’s program of detoxification and weight loss. How on this program, we have younger students, who are in good physical condition, already from the first day we started with more demanding and ... »

  • Changes in lifestyle and diet and the impact on the incidence of long-term obesity

    In today’s world, obesity is a major health problem, and because that every day is growing efforts to prevent it, and the fight against obesity has become one of the health priorities. The most common advice to people is to ... »

  • The third this years program of detoxification and weight loss in hotel Medena

    On Saturday 04/11/2017. et hotel Medena starts the third this year’s program of detoxification and weight loss, under the leadership of Ms. Maja Zupancic. The program lasts until Sunday 19/03/2017. The program of detoxification and weight loss consists of fasting ... »

  • Mediterranean diet and its impact on mortality of elderly people

    Today, the world is increasingly elderly people, according to available data, 580 million people are older than 60 years, and forecasts say that by 2020 this figure rise to 1,000 million. With increasing life expectancy and aging population, a major ... »

  • Interview with Mr. Darko Cerovac

    Interview with Mr. Darko Cerovac after the program of detoxification and weight loss at Hotel Medena

  • Interview with Mrs. Ivana Cerovac

    Interview with Mrs. Ivana Cerovac after the program of detoxification and weight loss at Hotel Medena  

  • Interview with Mrs. Jasenka Sabjan

    Interview with Mrs. Jasenka Sabjan after the program of detoxification and weight loss.

  • Professor’s Polovina report after a week of detox

  • The sixth day of Detoxication and weight loss programme in Hotel Medena

    The sixth day of Detoxication and weight loss programme in Hotel Medena passed in the cheerful atmosphere. After regular morning exercises by the sea, today we went to a nearby city Split, where we spent an enjoyable time walking through ... »

  • Continuing the program of detoxification and weight loss at hotel Medena

    And the rest of the program runs in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. The participants are motivated and successfully handle with the program. On Tuesday We walking to the church of St. Ilija on the hill above Seget, and today ... »

  • Second program of detoxification and weight loss in hotel Medena this year

    On Saturday, 18.2. was began the second program of detoxification and weight loss this year, led by Mrs. Maja Zupančič. The program has six students and already the first day we started with morning exercises near the sea and walks ... »

  • Yoga exercises for the face at Hotel Medena

    Allow your face to shine and look younger, come to the Hotel Medena and participate in a natural “anti-aging” program that will take place from 18.02. – 25.02.2017. at 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Under the guidance of Mrs. Vladimira Val.   The ... »

  • Icreasing immunity against catching a cold or faster recovery from a cold

    At least seven (7) days in a row: STEP 1: For breakfast drink four (4) freshly-squeezed orange juices and one (1) lemon juice STEP 2: For lunch or dinner drink four (4) freshly-squeezed orange juices and one (1) lemon juice

  • Is the function of the Appendix revealed?

    Appendix is notorious for its inflammation (appendicitis). In order to prevent the spreading of inflammation across the abdominal cavity, inflamed appendix is usually surgically removed. Appendix (Appendix vermiformis) is an offshoot of the colon, or more precisely, of the cecum. ... »

  • Croatian scientist dr. Nenad Bogdanović is Thon award winner

    The world renowned Croatian scientist Dr. Nenad Bogdanović recently received the prestigious Norwegian Thon award worth of 10 million Norwegian crowns, in the competition of twenty scientific works. Dr. Bogdanović was born in Zagreb in 1958, and in 1982 graduated ... »


    Obesity is a chronic disease that occurs with excessive accumulation of fats in the organism, and increasing the body weight, generally each increase of 10% more than ideal weight is considered obese. Obesity is not the same as being overweight, ... »


    An enema is one of the oldest ways of cleaning the body and is used for hundreds of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Chinese used enema as a remedy for poisoning, headache and constipation. They were used by many ... »

  • WI-FI harmfulness

    Do you know how large are harmful effects of wireless technology to our health? Today’s life, it is impossible to imagine without wireless technologies, which are based on microwaves. Cell phones, wireless Internet, and other wireless technologies have become an ... »


    Do you consume milk? Do you know how milk influence on your body? Do you know what are the alternatives for milk consumption? Milk is today one of food products that are most consumed, alone or in addition to other ... »


    Exercise and physical activity are the easiest and best way to stay healthy and to prevent many diseases. Even Hippocrates said that all parts of the body that are in function, if used properly and exercise, have been developing well, ... »


    If you suffer from headaches, allergies, damaged skin, unpleasant odor and bad breath, depression, indigestion, poor concentration, poor memory, tiredness or weight gain? These are all signs that your body is contaminated with toxins, and we provide a solution to ... »


    Do you know what is raw food? Do you know what are the differences between raw food and food you usually consume, that is thermally processed by cooking or baking, or it is factory processed? Food is one of the ... »


    Many wonder how people who practice a vegetarian or vegan diet, exercise required daily intake of proteins in the body? A lot of people wrongly believe that with nutritition that does not contain meat origin in the body can not ... »


    You are tired? Do you suffer from headaches? You are irritable? You have an excessive appetite? do You have problems with sleeping? You feel pain? If you answered affirmative on five questions, we have the solution for you, that will ... »

  • Thematic evening “Eating towards health” at Hotel Medena

    On Saturday, 10th of December, with the beginning at 18h, at Hotel Meden will be held thematic evening entitled “Eating towards health”. Thematic evening lead Andrej Mardešić, doctor experienced in the consumption and preparation of raw food and Maja ... »

  • The ketogenic diet and treatment of epilepsy in children

    Nowadays, epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases. According to the European Union’s Written declaration on epilepsy, 6 million people suffer from epilepsy, from which 40.000 live in Croatia. There are various causes and symptoms of epilepsy. The ... »

  • Food of vegetable origin and coronary artery disease

    Coronary artery diseases are today in the first place by mortality in Western countries. It is this fact, as well as the realization that drugs that treat coronary artery disease have an impact on the development and progression of the ... »

  • Intracellular pH regulation

    The intracellular pH regulation in the brain is as important in physiological and psychopathological conditions. Changes in pH values generally result in altered brain neuronal stimuli. Scientists Vernon A. Ruffin Ahlam Salameh I, Walter F. Boron and Mark D. Parker ... »

  • A wandering mind is an unhappy mind

    People are constantly looking for happiness, but forgetting our ancestors and ancient culture taught that happiness cannot be found or bought with money and that we should live for the present, in the moment and there we’ll find true contentment ... »


    On Friday, 4.11., the sixth program of detoxification and weight loss started at Hotel Medena. Four new students have started with program activities which integrate physical activity, mental relaxation and healthy diet. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits is achieved under the ... »

  • Artificial sweetener cyclamate

    The artificial sweetener cyclamate was discovered in 1937.  It was coincidentally discovered by Michael Sveda, at the University of Illinois. Cyclamate is 30-40 times sweeter than sugar and is always used in combination with other sweeteners such as aspartame or ... »

  • Honey – preserves health and cures disease

    Honey is a sweet and thick nutritive product which bees extract from the nectar which they collect from flowers. Since honey is hydroscopic, bees cover it with vax in the honeycomb for protection from humidity in the air. Almost all ... »

  • Today began the fifth program of detoxification and weight loss at Hotel Medena

    Today began the fifth program of detoxification and weight loss at Hotel Medena, led by Mrs. Maja Zupančič. The program has six students, who are already on the first day started with walks and exercises along the coast in a ... »

  • Alcohol metabolism

    The metabolic processes which take place in our body are turning digestible substances into other compounds. During their metabolism, some of the metabolized compounds become more or less toxic than the original substance. One of the metabolic processes is called ... »

  • The risk of meat consumption

    Numerous scientific studies have proven that there is a correlation between the consumption of red meat and processed meat and cancer of the pancreas. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most fatal types of cancer and is in the United ... »

  • Aspartame

    Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, with low caloric value and intense sweetness, which is mainly used in soft drinks, chewing gum, candy and vitamin preparations without sugar. Aspartame is a dipeptide methyl ester of natural amino acids L-aspartic acid and ... »

  • Saccharin

    Saccharin is the oldest and today the most famous artificial sweetener. It was discovered by Constantin Fahlberg in 1878 and soon after the discovery begins commercial use of saccharin. During the World War I, in a period of a shortage ... »

  • Sucralose

    Sucralose is an artificial sweetener and it is even 500-600 times sweeter than sucrose. It derives from sucrose in the process of chlorination and it is safer than aspartame and saccharin. The scientific researches underline the negative effects of sucralose ... »

  • The treatment of headaches by using herbal preparations

    Headache is one of the most common ailments of modern society and almost everyone suffers from headaches. It is defined as any pain in the face, head and sew (goes from head to cervical spine). Headache is not a disease ... »

  • Turmeric

    Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is considered one of the healthiest plants and belongs to the family of ginger. More than five thousand scientific studies and researches have been conducted on the medicinal properties of turmeric. In Europe, it has been used ... »

  • Health in apples

    Apple is one of the best known and most widespread fruit. Nowadays, almost everyone enjoys them. Since ancient times, was known beneficial effect of apples on health and it is confirmed by the English proverb An apple a day keeps ... »

  • Healing properties of sunflower seeds

    Sunflower is an annual herbaceous plant and is also the largest plant in the family Asteraceae. Originates from the southwest of North America, Peru and Mexico. In the past, it was an integral part of the diet of the Indians, ... »

  • Raw pea and avocado soup

    Very quick and easy recipe for a delicious green soup. INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of peas 1 avocado 1 1/2 of cups almond milk 1 small onion salt pepper PREPARATION: Remove the pit from the avocado. Separate half cup of peas ... »

  • Vegetable soup of raw cucumbers and avocado

    Soup made of raw cucumbers and avocado is very tasty, simple and easy to prepare. INGREDIENTS: 400ml of warm water 70g of cashew nuts ½ of cucumber ½ of avocado ½  of red pepper ½ of tomato 1 stalk of ... »

  • How to recognize a healthy, untreated fruit and vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables are an extremely important part of a healthy and balanced nutrition and should be consumed as much as possible. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (biologically active compounds in plants, in the human body protect ... »

  • The red beet and the test of intestinal function

    Red beet is another herb that it is known for its many medicinal properties. Both the root and the leaf of the red beet have healing properties. The wild red beet was used as a medicine two thousand years ago. ... »

  • Whey – the potion full of health

    Today almost forgotten and unknown to many people, whey is one of the healthiest potions. Whey is obtained during the production of cheese, it is the liquid that remains after squeezing cheese – from 10 liters of milk yields 1 ... »

  • Hiking

    Hiking is not just a physical activity, walking in the woods, it is much more than that, we could call it a lifestyle. In order to climb we don’t necessarily need to be a member of the Mountaineering Association, we ... »

  • The benefits of walking

    Walking is the basic form of human movement and it is overcoming until the age of 11 months. During a walk, in the body more than two hundred muscles and bones are working at the same time. Walking is the ... »

  • Cleaning the kidneys by using plants

    The kidneys are paired organs of the urinary system and they are located in the peritoneum. Their task is to expel toxins from the blood. Through the kidneys each day passes about 200 liters of blood and they cast about ... »

  • Cleaning the lungs by using plants

    The lungs are the most important organ of our respiratory system. Their primary task is to transfer oxygen from the environment into the bloodstream and carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the environment. The lungs, via the blood stream, supply ... »

  • Proper breathing – detoxification and relaxation of the body

    Breathing is one of the actions of our body that keeps us alive. We breathe in the oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Breathing helps us to supply all cells in our body with the oxygen and the brain consumes ... »

  • The future of food

    A documentary film that deals with the production of food from Canada to Mexico. The film talks about all the things that we, as “ordinary” consumers, are not able to see – the impact of big companies and GMO food ... »

  • Food inc.

    Engaged documentary film about food, health and corporations within the food industry. It shows how the food market functions and directly affects our health, how big business and large corporations are destroying small food producers. It also shows how the ... »

  • Alcoholic liver disease / Alcohol-related liver disease (ALD)

    The harmful effects of alcohol on the human body are common knowledge. More and more people are dying of diseases related to alcohol misuse worldwide. In Croatia, 8.1% of the male and 1.9% of the female population suffer from diseases ... »

  • Physical activity

    Exercise training and physical activity are excellent ways to preserve health and prevent many diseases. To paraphrase Hippocrates, all parts of our body that are functional, adequately used, exercised, and developed well, tend to stay healthy and age slowly. The ... »

  • Fresh spring rolls with spicy curry sauce

      This dish can be served as an appetizer, lunch, dinner and, because of the bright colors, it is ideal for the parties. Food is natural, vegan, gluten-free and without cooking. It is very healthy and helps detoxify the body. ... »

  • Green peanut soup

    This quickly finished peanut soup can be eaten cold or hot. Use green vegetables that you like, there are no rules, play with flavors! Salt and pepper put as needed. Ingredients: 100 ml of crude peanut 2 cups of water ... »

  • Crude colorful salad

    To prepare this delicious salad of raw vegetables seasoned with hot sauce based on mustard you don’t need a lot of time and preparation, and you’ll enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. Vegetables should not be necessarily the same like ... »

  • Dry brush of the skin – the essential part of the detoxification process

    The benefits of detoxification of the body through which body releases the accumulated toxins and cleans itself are well known. It is also known that the lymphatic system is very important for our organism and It is the essential part ... »

  • How to cleanse the lympathic system and improve the circulation of lymph

    The lympathic system is an extremely important part of the immune system. Its mission is to collect waste substances from intracellular space and transmitting it to the kidneys and intestines where they are processed and expelled from the body. For ... »

  • Lymphatic system

    The lymphatic system is extremely important for the normal functioning of the human organism. It is integrated into the circulatory system, with lymphatic fluid flowing from opened small capillaries at the periphery to the large central lymphatic vessels which deliver ... »

  • The fourth program of detoxification and weight loss started at Hotel Medena

    Today started the fourth program of detoxification and weight loss at Hotel Medena, under the leadership of Ms. Maja Zupancic. The program runs until September 11, and we hope that our participants, once again, will achieve successful results. The next ... »