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  • The ninth ZeGeVege festival

    Today in Zagreb starts the ninth ZeGeVege Festival of sustainable living, or as the organizers like to call themselves “the biggest veganmania in the region “. The festival will take place on the Ban Jelacic Square and this year it ... »

  • Nicotine and cigarettes – bad effects on our health  

    Nicotine is an alkaloid that can be found in tobacco. In small amounts acts as a stimulant and is one of the main reasons for addiction to cigarettes. The cigarette is one of the biggest killers of our time. It ... »

  • Fast food – bad effects on our health

    Modern life, in which we have less time for ourselves and our needs, has led to increased consumption of unhealthy food, especially fast food. Fifty years ago in the United States opened the first fast food and since that people ... »

  • The total antioxidant capacity of fruits (ORAC study)

    It is known that the higher the consumption and consummation of fruits and vegetables is associated with a smaller occurrence of cancer. The experiments with animals demonstrated anticancer effects in diet based on fruits and vegetables. The negative side of ... »

  • Smoking, alcoholism and genetic polymorphisms may change levels of CYP2B6 gene in the human brain

    CYP2B6 is a gene which belongs to the members of cytochrome P450 enzyme family. Cytochrome P450 enzymes are proteins which catalyze reactions involved in drug metabolism and synthesis of cholesterol, steroids and other lipids. Therefore, CYP2B6 metabolizes drugs, such as ... »

  • The Croatian application among the 50 most innovative startups in the world of sports

    Application Hit The Gold of the Croatian company Core Interface has been selected as one of the 50 world sport startups and it is traveling to Rio de Janeiro for the finals of the Hype Global Innovation Competition. It will ... »

  • Gerson method of treating migraine

    More than 80 years ago Dr. Max Gerson developed a therapy as a solution for most diseases in the western world nowadays, compromising the quality of life of a large part of the population. One of these relates to therapy ... »

  • A coffee enema

    An enema is one of the oldest ways of body cleansing and it has been used for hundreds of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indians and Chinese used it as a medicine for poisoning, headache and constipation. Throughout the history ... »

  • The enrichment of space using houseplants

    Oxygen is one of the most necessary chemical elements for our body. Without oxygen, it is not able to function, each of our cells needs oxygen to live. With a reduced intake of oxygen in our brain, our muscles, our ... »

  • The effect of high doses of lemon in the prevention of kidney stones

    Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) is very painful and very common disease that affects many people. Today there are medications and therapies that reduce the risk of forming kidney stones, research shows even by 22.6%. But as most people do not adhere ... »

  • Max Gerson

    Max Gerson was a German physician born in 1881 in Wongrowitz in today’s Poland. In 1909 he graduated at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, with 29 years began to practice medicine in Wroclaw, and later specialized in internal medicine and nerve ... »

  • Have the humans become sour and why?

    Many of the fresh foods we eat tend to go sour if they are not consumed on time. They get the sharp, tangy taste like vinegar or lemon. But is it possible that the same process could affect human body? ... »

  • Bad effects of meat eating on health

    Obesity is one of the biggest problems of our time. Many people who suffer from obesity decide on various diets. Most popular diets, including the extremely popular Atkins diet, are based on reduced carbohydrate intake and increased intake of proteins ... »

  • Raw food worhskop

    From September 14 to 17, at hotel Medena, will be held Raw food workshop, led by Mrs. Mihaela Devescovi. This workshop is a continuation of the program of healthy eating and living at hotel Medena.

  • The third program Detox weight loss is finished

    The third program Detox weight loss, led by Ms. Maja Zupančić in hotel Medena, has just finished. The program was attended by six participants – for some participants it was the first participation while some participated for second or third ... »

  • The most common enviromental toxins to avoid

    If you suffer from chronic health conditions such as fatigue, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases or tumor, one of the casuses is certainly the toxic overload within your body. To get rid of the harmful toxins you need a detoxification program. ... »

  • Levi Bowland Levi Raw food (10)

    Levi Bowland, better known as Levi Raw Food, is a ten-year old boy who eats raw vegan fut. His diet includes raw fruits and vegetables, such as melon, banana, salad and bean sprouts. Although many experts warn that a diet ... »

  • Film “Fat, Sick & Nearly Death”

    Excellent documentary about fasting on juices of raw fruits and vegetables. It’s shown how change of habits and routines causes changes in health status. Movie shows in the best way exactly what is happening on a Detox-slimming program at hotel Medena.

  • Wheatgrass as a source of health and help in the process of detoxification and alkalization of organism

    Wheatgrass is nowadays used in the fight against the most frequent health conditions, including cold, cough, fever, digestive disorders and skin diseases. The healing properties of wheatgrass come from chlorophyll, which gives the green color and, once we consume it, ... »

  • Third Detox-slimming program this year started in Hotel Medena

    In hotel Medena 08.12.2016. started the third DETOX SLIMMING program  this year led by Mrs. Maja Zupancic. The program has six students. In happy atmosphere with humor and great determination we started first exercises by the sea. Delicious squeezed juices from fresh ... »

  • Raw pancakes with fresh fruit

    A very simple recipe for raw pancakes. These pancakes are very rich, healthy and delicious. Ingredients for six pancakes: since the protective, one to two are enough for one person. INGREDIENTS: 3 cups minced linseeds (minced seeds, not the whole) ... »

  • Raw chocolate cheesecake

    Simple, raw vegan chocolate cheesecake is very simple and very tasty. Blender is everything you need to prepare this sweet and creamy cake. If necessary, cake base can be made but the cake is perfect even without it. Cheesecake must ... »

  • One of the oldest and healthiest cake

    Over time, the human eating habits have changed, sometimes people were eating much healthier, and now unhealthy foods dominate. However, then and now people like to eat sweets. One of the oldest recipes for dessert, old more than 6000 years, ... »