Experience of participants

“I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes type-2 and I have been taking medication for it. My blood sugar levels normalised very quickly and now I no longer need to take any medication. Simply put: amazing and powerful stuff.” – Medical Doctor, 50 years of age


“After 25 years of high blood pressure, in just 4 days of the program, my blood pressure came back to normal. I simply cannot believe it!” – Business Owner, 60 years of age


“From time to time I suffer from splitting headaches which many times evolve into unbearable migraines. I was taken back how simply with no much ado, the detoxification part of the program helped so much that I no longer suffer from splitting headaches or migraines.” – Marketing Director, young lady


“I have 35 years, and I started with detox slimming program in June. Over the years I have problems with overweight, and the last four years with increased blood pressure. A month before the program I changed my eating habits and increased the level of daily activities.

I decided to attend detox prograsm primarily because of obesity and fear for my own health. I did not know what exactly I can expect from the program, except consumation of juices.

The first day we started walking, yoga exercises and consuming only juices without liquid food. At the first weigh-in, I had 122 kilograms. Every morning we had a short walk along the beach and stretching exercises in the bay next to the sea. After a workout the hotel welcomed us with fresh juice. After a short rest, we went for a long walk along the coast, a distance of 7-8 km. Then we had a fresh juice again and a clear vegetable soup. In the afternoon we had a yoga exercises and in the evening again juice and soup. For the second day my blood pressure fell within normal limits has been there since. Although I was skeptical that I will stand on only juices the whole day with hunger I never had a problem – I was full the whole day, I had more energy and after two to three days after exercise I stayed in the gym to practice or climb stairs. The entire program was held in a cheerful atmosphere, without pressure, and with professional and quality leadership.

In the nine days of the program i was lighter for 8 kg, and after the program I continued another two weeks to drink juices, without entering solid food, and with regular exercise took off another 5 kg. After the cessation of drinking only juices, I went with a custom diet, which consisted of fresh fruit, vegetables, no salt and cooked food.

In July I went back to the program and in nine days took off another 6 kg. After the program I went for a week with juices, and now I comply customized diet consisting mostly of salads and occasionally for a week I consume only juice. My goal is to come down to 99 kg, and thereafter at 90 kg.

After I tried the program, I would recommend it to everyone because of my own experience and the fact that i can point out all its benefits. With detox program I took off 20 kg, lowered blood pressure after four years, I have more energy and strength, and better sleep. I changed my whole life, have gained new eating and physical activity habits. I think that my approach to program was one of the best decisions that I have made and I will certainly continue attending one again. “