Factors affecting food choice

It is now known that fruit and vegetables protect against a number of diseases, most of the cardiovascular diseases and cancers. It is recommended to place the daily diet as many fruits and vegetables, and reduce the consumption of red meat, processed carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners. In the UK, the recommendation of consuming at least 400g of fruit and vegetables per day per person. Never, however, was not conducted a study which factors affect the choice of food that we consume, especially in the choice of fruits and vegetables. It’s made a scientific study, right about the factors that influence food choices, focused just on the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

For the study electronically studied various scientific articles, searched by keyword: fruit, vegetables or antioxidant, food choices, healthy behaviors, healthy attitudes or habits in eating. A hand-searched the articles by keyword appetite. The total is examined 494 scientific articles, all are analyzed in detail.

Although in 1990 the WHO recommended daily intake of at least 400g of fruit and vegetables daily, there are large differences in consumption by region, social class, gender, and are very large differences between those who consume few fruits and vegetables, and those who consume lots of fruits and vegetables.

The results showed that the fruits and vegetables consumed not only for health, but also for pleasure. So the choice of the consumption of fruits and vegetables affects their properties, such as odor, appearance, taste, texture and quality. On the consumption of fruit and vegetables affect the culture and traditions, and it turned out that the heritage is a very important factor in choosing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. On the consumption affects the ambience, the environment, the people around us. The impact has the price of fruits and vegetables, the social status of people, education, the availability of individual fruits and vegetables, advertising and presence in the media, the time limit (season when there are certain types of fruit and vegetables), and health. Some influences are stronger, some weaker, but all depends from person to person.

The conclusion is that it needs more work on health promoting consumption of fruits and vegetables, advertising their positive impact on our health. Promotions should be more focused on specific groups of people, or even be individual.



[Pollard 2002] Pollard J, Kirk SFL, Cade JE. Factors affecting food choice in relation to fruit and vegetable intake: a review. Nutrition Research Reviews (2002), 15, 373–387 DOI: 10.1079/NRR200244

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