Cleaning the lungs by using plants

The lungs are the most important organ of our respiratory system. Their primary task is to transfer oxygen from the environment into the bloodstream and carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the environment. The lungs, via the blood stream, supply all the cells in our body with oxygen. In addition to the supply of oxygen, the lungs regulate body temperature, protect the heart from the sudden movement, excrete toxins from the body and filter fewer blood clots from veins. Today, most people have polluted lungs, especially smokers. But the lungs of non-smokers are also polluted due to air pollution and being surrounded by smokers. The lungs are primarily contaminated with tar and other various toxins.

To clean our lungs, we can use many plants in the form of teas, food and essential oils as well as breathing exercises and spending time outdoors in the fresh air. Of course, the best and the healthiest option is to quit smoking.

Cleaning lungs with the essential oils is very easy and helps us get rid of toxins and mucus. Essential oils not only help to detoxify and clean the lungs, they also help with colds, flu and respiratory illness. You need to add a few drops of essential oil into the boiled water, then breathe the warm steam. The best essential oils to clean the lungs are oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and thyme.

In the process of cleaning the lungs you can also use homemade teas: ginger tea (cleans the toxins from your body), nettle tea (cleans the lungs, a rich source of iron), tea from pine needles (for cleaning excess mucus from the lungs and sinuses) and tea mullein (for breathing and clearing the lungs of tar and phlegm).

To clean the lungs it is also very important to eat properly. Some foods are very useful in the process of lungs cleaning, such as chilly, water and onion. Chilly helps the decomposition of mucus and tar in the lungs – when we eat it, we feel our nose starts to drip. Water is good for hydration of the body and it stimulates the discharge of toxins. Onions also encourage the removal of toxins and mucus, it is rich with nutrients and helps prevent lung infections.

Many other plants, in addition to the ones we have already mentioned, help clean the lungs. Watercress is very helpful in cleaning the lungs and many experts consider it inevitable in the process. It is consumed in the form of soup. For its preparation we need: 1 kilogram of watercress with leaves and flowers, 2 cups dates and 4 cups of water. All the ingredients need to be cooked for at least 4 hours, if formed foam remove it later and season as desired. The important factors are the ratio of the ingredients and the length of the preparation.

Ginger is also very good at cleaning the lungs, we can make a tea out of it or we can eat a piece of ginger with every meal. It is also very useful in improving digestion.

Turmeric is very rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 acids and also has a very strong antiviral, antibacterial and anti-cancer properties. It is highly recommended to use it on a daily basis. For lungs cleaning it is used as a syrup. For the syrup of turmeric it is necessary: 400 g of onions, 1 liter of water, 400 g of sugar, 2 teaspoons of turmeric, small ginger root. In the water add sugar and let it cook, add quartered onions and grated ginger. At the end add turmeric and let it boil and cook until the volume is reduced. Strain and put in a glass bottle. Keep it in a fridge and drink two tablespoons in the morning before a meal and two tablespoons in the evening before a meal. Among the other plants that are recommended for the lungs cleaning we should mention orange (it has a preventive effect on the occurrence of lung cancer), honey, cranberry juice, carrot, nettle and fenugreek.