How to recognize a healthy, untreated fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are an extremely important part of a healthy and balanced nutrition and should be consumed as much as possible. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (biologically active compounds in plants, in the human body protect against various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases and cancer). At the present time, when the market profit has exceptional big role in the food industry, it is used more and more pesticides and other chemicals to make fruits and vegetables matured faster and to look more attractive to customers. Pesticides are chemical and biological substances that are used to control diseases, pests and weeds of plants, and the name comes from the Latin word pesto (plague) and cedar (kill). It is recommended to buy and consume fruits and vegetables untreated with pesticides, which comes from eco-farming with the tested farms. But the question is – how to make sure that “kumica” on green market has healthy fruits and vegetables?

Everyone remembers how they used to eat fruit with maggots, and how no one minded. Right this holes from worms were sure sign that the fruit is healthy. Fruit that does not come from eco-farming is coated with wax in order more beautiful and brighter appearance. Black, green and brown dots on the fruits are a sign of healthy fruits and vegetables, and they are completely normal and natural. Black dots on apples are nothing wrong, they just show how apple healthy is; they are actually start of rotting, which is a normal chemical process of plants maturing. Green dots on potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant are signs of solanine (Glycoalkaloids, natural protector of plants from parasites) and are not dangerous. In case that there are a lot of green dots on the crust and fruit, such fruit is not recommended to be consumed due to possible digestive problems. Brown spots on the fruit are also a sign of decay and are not dangerous. Mold should avoid and not eat moldy fruit. A sure indicator that fruits and vegetables is not healthy, and naturally grown are nicer, shinier and more regular appearance; such fruits without bruises, rot, traces of impacts and worms.

One of the best ways in which we can test whether the fruit is naturally grown, is that we cut the fruit in half and leave it overnight. If turns black, it’s healthy, but if it remains glossy and white, it is treated with pesticides. A lot of people today peel the bark from fruit and vegetables before cooking because of fear of pesticides that are on the crust. Exactly peel contains a lot of healthy and high-quality ingredients and fruit and vegetables from organic and natural farming is not necessary to peel. During cooking peeled fruit and vegetables, from the fruit is losing most of vitamins and for that reason it is good to cook it with crust and peel after cooking.