An enema is one of the oldest ways of cleaning the body and is used for hundreds of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Chinese used enema as a remedy for poisoning, headache and constipation. They were used by many famous people through history, and in France are used on a daily basis, so Louis XIV. during his life made over 2,000 enemas. The name comes from the Greek word cluster (cluster) which means injector, sprinkler, and the Greek word Kłyż, which means splash, rinse, wash.

Enema is a procedure that using flexible rectal probe or catheter, prescribed solution is applied in the colon, and an enema or colonic irrigation is a process of enema injection, and warm water into the colon to cause bowel. An enema is used before performing a colonoscopy procedure, in emergencies, at constipation, during surgery in the abdomen before birth, and in the process of detoxification. There are several types of enemas, enemas with water, coffee enemas, clay enemas, tea enemas, etc.

Our bowls are whole life in operation, and in them collect the remains of feces, which should be removed. The digestive tract can be compared with the sewers pipes, that over time become clogged by accumulated debris, the same happens with our intestines. In the colon accumulate different waste products and toxins, so it is very important to cleanse, because when the colon is not working properly, neither other organs can not throw out the accumulated waste products. It is believed that irregular bowel function can cause numerous health problems from constipation, headaches, allergies, chronic fatigue to ulcerative colitis and colon cancer. One of the main culprits for the accumulation of toxins and waste products in the colon is the food we consume, most of today’s food industry is processed and contains very little natural dietary fiber, that are crucial for the proper functioning of the intestine.

It is a very useful coffee enema. The coffee enema is popularized by the German physician Max Gerson, and coffee enema is one of the three steps in the Gerson Therapy. Coffee enema in patients that suffer from cancer, are applied several times a day to clear the body of all the poisons and toxins. Enemas are used to clean the large intestine of dry fecal waste which accumulates in the intestines over 5 kilograms. The liver is one of the most important organs in our body that performs more than 500 functions and the most important is the purifier. Coffee enemas except intestines, clean liver from toxins and poisons. During the coffee enema, the caffeine from the coffee is absorbed in hemorrhoidal vein that envelopes the colon and through it is transferred directly to the liver. Hemorrhoidal vein serves as an elimination of toxins and impurities from our blood stream and is part of the portal venous system. Over hemorrhoidal vein in the liver is not coming only caffeine, but also cafestol, kahveol and potassium, that stimulate the liver to produce bile acids. Caffeine also stimulates peristaltic muscles to stronger contractions, improving the elimination of waste products from the intestines.

During the process of detoxification, when we are fasting with natural fruit and vegetable juices, and do not consume solid food, our digestive tract is resting. During the process we are resolving of the accumulated toxins, it is very important to do daily enema, to clean the intestines of residues of toxins and other waste substances.

At the program is obligatory daily morning enema, and the afternoon coffee enema. During the program, our expert leader, Ms. Maja Zupančić will teach you how to correctly perform enemas, and how it is performed and how to prepare a coffee enema.