The fifth day of the program of detoxification and weight loss

On the fifth day of the program we walked to the church of St. Ilija above Trogir. Way to the church leads by Path of Health, the old “Napoleon road”, built in the reign of the French over Dalmatia in 1807. The church of St. Ilija is located on the site of the old Illyrian ruins on a hill Sutlija. Until the 19th century, around the church were buried the dead, and the church itself was renovated several times, due to a lightning strike. For each program one day we climb to the church of St. Ilija, who inspires our students with their position, landscape and beautiful view on Seget, Trogir, Kaštela, Split and Čiovo. Way to the church is not too demanding, but this time we decided to take action and pick up trash that we encountered on the way to the church.
Because our program is very connected with nature and on it we fast with juices from fresh fruits and vegetables, it is very important to preserve the nature that provides us with the yield that we use. Also, part of the program is walking in nature, and we are all in aim to spending time in nature as pleasant as possible and enjoy the clean and untouched nature.
Everyone should abide by the rules of mountaineering to the nature leaving only traces of their feet, but because there are irresponsible people, from time to time necessary to clean up the nature as much as we can.