Obesity is a chronic disease that occurs with excessive accumulation of fats in the organism, and increasing the body weight, generally each increase of 10% more than ideal weight is considered obese. Obesity is not the same as being overweight, and whether someone suffers from obesity or overweight, determined doctors or nutritionists by age, sex and anthropometric parameters (body weight, body mass index and percentage of body fat). Obesity is now one of the leading diseases in the world, and the World Health Organization estimates that by 2025. up to 50 percent of the world population will be obese. According to the Croatian Institute for Public Health in the Republic of Croatia, even 64.1% of men and 54% of women is overweight, while equaling 22.3% of obese men and women.

The main causes of obesity considered too large food intake and insufficient physical activity, which results in the excess energy entered the food, that is not used with the work and physical activity, the body begins to store in the form of body fat. Except these two main causes of obesity, contributes also genetic predisposition, slowed metabolism and indigestion, irregular eating habits, overflowing meals and fast food consumption, wrong meal time (late at night), skipping meals, long time without eating, non-observance of five smaller meals during the day, insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables in the daily nutritition, insufficient intake of water in the body, uncontrolled intake of sugar and sweets, intake of calories rich and nutritionally poor foods (snacks, sweets), drinking alcohol, carbonated and sweetened drinks, large intake of salt in organism, insufficient sleep, drugs that cause weight gain (antidepressants), retained overweight obtained during pregnancy, and stress.

With obesity is connected large number of diseases and mortality rises dramatically with increasing body mass index, so for those with a BMI over 32 kg / m2 is considered to have twice likely to die than those with a normal BMI. At obese people we often find changes and damages to various organs, and the development of various diseases such as high blood pressure, elevated blood lipids, impaired glucose tolerance levels or diabetes, endocrine and menstrual disorders, damage to the musculoskeletal system, damages of the heart and pulmonary function, gallstones, heartburn, return of food from the esophagus into the stomach, and mental disorders (depression). In men, especially obesity contributes to the development of metabolic syndrome characterized by elevated blood pressure, diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance, and a disturbance of blood lipid.

Today, in developed countries for the treatment of obesity is allocateda a large amount of funds for health care, and according projections this trend will be continued, and should therefore primarily strive to educate suffering people as much as possible, how much can actually be achieved by reducing calorie intake and a variety of exercise programs. For the prevention and treatment of obesity is recommended a healthy diet, based on fruits and vegetables, and 45 to 60 minutes of daily exercise, mostly aerobic type, such as walking, nature, dance and stretching exercise.

It is important to pay attention to good nutrition, and recommended balanced intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals, regular consumption of meals, moderation and variety of food, avoiding overeating and taking several smaller meals throughout the day. A healthy diet should be based on the so-called “ healthy diet pyramid“, whose foundation consists of cereals and cereal based products, beyond that the fruits and vegetables that are a source of vitamins and minerals, and because of its fibrous structure helps in digestion, followed by milk and dairy products, meat, fish and eggs, which intake must be controlled, and at the very top of the pyramid are sweets and fat, which must be at least represented in the daily diet.

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