If you suffer from headaches, allergies, damaged skin, unpleasant odor and bad breath, depression, indigestion, poor concentration, poor memory, tiredness or weight gain? These are all signs that your body is contaminated with toxins, and we provide a solution to restore and clean your body.

Toxins are poisons that occur in the cells of our body, and affect and in very small quantities. Name comes from the Greek word toxikon, toxikon was the poison that was used on arrows. Toxins can be small molecules, peptides, proteins, that cause disease in absorption or contact with the tissues. The toxins can be exogenous toxic and endogenous toxins. Exogenous toxins are created outside of our organism and the body absorb it through ingestion, breathing or through the bloodstream. Endogenous toxins are formed in the body, and these are mostly waste products of our metabolism.

Toxins can not be avoided, because they are practically found in everything that we use in everyday life, from food, medicines, cleaning products, cosmetics. The symptoms by which to recognize that the body is poisoned are: headaches, allergies, damaged skin, odor and bad breath, depression, indigestion, poor concentration, poor memory, tiredness, weight gain, and in the worst cases comes to degenerative diseases such as cysts and various other formations.

Ten Worst toxins that our body is exposed to are: volatile organic compounds (VOC), perchlorates (present in the whole range of products – from medicines for the thyroid to rocket fuel), asbestos, mold, phthalates (esters of phthalic acid and aliphatic alcohol), pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), heavy metals and radioactivity. Health risks associated with these toxins are provided and supported in the medical literature. The body is naturally solved of toxins, through the skin, liver, kidney, lung, and intestine. In order to successfully resolve the body of accumulated toxins, it needs a help.

We can help body to solve of accumulated toxins, in many ways, sweating in the sauna, brushing the skin, peeling skin, a healthy diet, by fasting and detoxification programs. In our program of detoxification, we solve accumulated toxins with the help of fasting with fruit and vegetable juices and daily physical activity, stay in fresh, clean air, visits to the sauna and all this under the watchful eye of our professional leadership. During the process of detoxification we use only fresh fruits and vegetables, that is best to consume in the form of freshly squeezed juices. It is also important the input of sufficient quantities of fluids, water, unsweetened tea and limpid soups.