The impact of lifestyle changes on the prevention of cancer

In today’s world, from cancer dies most people. Every year from various types of cancer are diagnosed more than 10 million people worldwide. According to forecasts, in 2020 cancer will develop in 15 million people and 12 million people will die from the effects of cancer. It is interesting that only 5-10% of cancer can be attributed to genetic causes, and 90-95% have their root in lifestyle and environment. As is known in the lifestyle include smoking, diet, alcohol, sun exposure, pollution of the environment, infection, stress, obesity, and physical inactivity. It is very disturbing that even 25-30% of deaths related to cancer has an association with smoking, 30-35% with an unhealthy diet, and 15-20% with infections, while the rest belongs to other lifestyle factors. In order to prevent occurrence of cancer, you need to stop smoking, drink alcohol moderately, eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and reduce consumption of meat, limit the intake of calories, engage in physical activity, do not be overly exposed to the sun, and have regular medical appointments.

As the prevention of cancer is now considered, primarily change the entire lifestyle. When changing the diet, primarily begin to consume more fruits and vegetables, since today is scientifically proven that fruits and vegetables have anti-cancer effect, and contains more than 25,000 different phytochemicals which potentially have a preventive effect on several types of cancer. A most famous are carotenoids, vitamins C, D and E, Resveratrol, quercetin, silymarin, sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol. It also recommended the use of spices and teas, which contain phytochemicals, which act preventively, and among them are catechin (green tea), curcumin (turmeric), diallyldisulfide (garlic), thymoquinone (black cumin), capsaicin (red chili), gingerol (ginger), diosgenin (fenugreek), eugenol (cloves and cinnamon), ellagic acid (clove), Ferulic acid (fennel, mustard, sesame), apigenin (coriander and parsley), betulinic acid (rosemary), kaempferol (clove, fenugreek) Sesamin (sesame), piperine (black pepper), limonene (rosemary). Besides fruits and vegetables, tea and spices in your diet are necessary to enter the consumption of whole grains. In addition to changes in diet emphasizes the importance of physical activity and reducing food intake. As one of the best ways to reduce calorie intake is considered the fasting, which is from the past, present in all cultures and religions.

And although many people die from the cancer, we must look forward to the fact that the cancer could prevent, on the way to changing lifestyles, which today, unfortunately in most people is not healthy and not as it should be. Precisely on our program of detoxification and weight loss we teach you and help you to change your lifestyle and start to live in a healthy and natural way.



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