Physical activity

Exercise training and physical activity are excellent ways to preserve health and prevent many diseases. To paraphrase Hippocrates, all parts of our body that are functional, adequately used, exercised, and developed well, tend to stay healthy and age slowly. The modern way of hectic, sedentary lifestyle and eating of junk food influences the higher incidence of obesity and a wide variety of illnesses.

Regular aerobic exercise training and physical activity show many positive effects on our body and on our life, in general. Scientific data show that they reduce the risk of developing many conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular insult, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and erectile dysfunction. Aerobic exercise training improves respiration and tissue oxygenation. It also improves the muscle strength leading to the better circulation of lymph, which positively influences the immune system and facilitates normal processing of cellular respiration. Aerobic physical activity also reduces anxiety, stress and depression, while improving our mental capacities and self-esteem.

There is no need to visit gyms or engage in any professional sport. Research data show that even a half an hour walk daily is beneficial for our body.

It is recommended that children and adults should engage in 60 minutes of aerobic physical activity daily. Elderly people should perform physical activity following doctor’s recommendation, according to their health status.

Finally, aerobic exercise training and physical activity are not magical pills that will resolve all of our health problems. It is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This means avoiding all toxic substances, including alcohol and cigarettes, adopting a healthy, alkalizing diet rich in fruit and vegetables (preferably raw) and engaging in aerobic physical activities for at least 60 minutes every day (at least 150 minutes per week). In this way we can improve our health and life in general.

In our detox-weight loss program in Hotel Medena, exercise training and physical activity are very important constituents of our comprehensive program. Besides morning walks, longer afternoon walks and stretching exercises, participants engage in guided yoga or gym exercises. Physical activity is always an essential component in our comprehensive program, resulting in beneficial effects on health of our program participants.




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