WI-FI harmfulness

Do you know how large are harmful effects of wireless technology to our health?

Today’s life, it is impossible to imagine without wireless technologies, which are based on microwaves. Cell phones, wireless Internet, and other wireless technologies have become an integral part of life. Today is known that electromagnetic radiation that produce, affects harmful on circulation in the human body, respiratory system, balance of body temperature and water in the body, as well as other metabolic functions, but also effects on many diseases, such as brain tumors and leukemia, infertility, and weakened memory and concentration.

Turkish scientists in part of the scientific research presented the seminal fluid to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, resulting in various abnormalities in sperm, but in most cases the sperm could not fertilize the egg cell. Infertility is not only conducive to cell phone radiation, but also the habit of holding a laptop in lap, so the scientists conducted an experiment in which the sperm of 29 men was placed under a laptop that was wirelessly connected to the Internet, after the scientists have observed the seeds for four hours noted that a quarter of swimmers do not swim, and in nine percent of the cases there was a significant DNA damage.

Wireless technology does not affect only to human health, but also to plants. Students of one school in the Danish city of Hjallerup did a simple experiment with plants. 12 identical seedlings are deployed in two rooms, in one room they placed two wireless routers, and the other was empty. 90% of the plants of the room with routers withered in 12 days, while plants in an empty room are intact and healthy.

As it is impossible entirely remove the wireless technology from our lives, they will continue to slowly radiate us and damage our health, but still have a way to at least reduce bad effects of modern technologies. For the beginning you should choose a cell phone model with a low “specific absorption rate” (a measure of the degree of absorption of radio waves in the body’s tissues – SAR), phone calls should be established when the signal is strong, use a headset or speaker phones, and do not hold the phone to your ear, carry a cell phone in a bag or backpack instead in the pocket of your trousers or shorts, cell phone put on your ear when call is connected, does not use a cell phone as an alarm clock next to the bed, turn off the WI-FI before going to sleep, we should keep the router in the kitchen or bedroom, use as many phones with cables when we are at home, when not in use turn off the WI-FI.

During our program, except that you will renew your body, you will learn how to eat healthy and live healthy, and you will get many useful tips on improving your life, and what bad effect on our body, such as the harmful radiation of wireless devices.