The health program “Education to health and quality of life”, Zagreb, hotel Tomislavov dom

City of Zagreb, respectively the City Department of Health and the Association for Obesity Prevention, are organizing the Health Programme “Education to health and quality of life.” The program is held at the hotel Tomislavov Dom from 10 to 03/18/2017. On the program will be a healthy way to exercise and lose weight, under professional supervision. Organizers emphasize that the program is in accordance with the plan of the Ministry of Health for the Prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases and reducing overweight. Among other things, on the health program, participants will receive the health status check on the first and last days of the program, motivational and psychological workshops, advice nutritionist, plastic surgeon and physiotherapist, exercise under the supervision of Kinesiologists, cooking workshops and a healthy diet, and lectures from leading experts in obesity and chronic noncommunicable disease. The medicinal part of the program is free, and hotel accommodation is optional.

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