About anti-stress program

Anti-stress program at the Hotel Medena


You will learn how to:

  • simple diet to compensate chronic lack of energy;
  • gentle stretching exercises to remove excess harmful substances from the tissues;
  • walking and breathing exercises to improve the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body;
  • relaxation techniques to achieve inner peace and create the foundations to cope with stress.


Start of the program – carried out by the method of detoxification through fasting with fresh juices to the teachings of the doctor Max Gerson. His method successfully treats migraine, tuberculosis, asthma, hypertension and allergies. Gerson method includes caffeine enemas, the Gerson diet and dietary supplements.

Later in the program – you will adopt a knowledge about the raw diet (Raw food), the positive effects of such diets on health and the preparation and consumption of raw food.

Hotel Medena – is located in Seget Donji, near Trogir. The hotel itself is situated in a pine forest, near the beach, surrounded by tennis, basketball and football fields. The location of the hotel guarantees a stay in the fresh air, rich with a marine aerosol which contributes to a pleasant stay, relaxation and solving the accumulated stress.