Natural factors

The whole central Dalmatia is characterized by mild climate with mostly humid winters and dry, hot and sunny summers. Kozjak, Mosor and Biokovo protect the Riviera Split and Trogir from the influence of continental climate in the northern parts of the Croatian. Here we have especially blue sky, which is the cleanest in Europe, with the most sunny days a year. A common summer wind and herald of good weather is Mistral. “Jugo” carries rain while in the winter “Bura” makes the clouds go but it is extremely cold and strong wind.

Change of climate:

  • air quality,
  • sunlight
  • aerosol

Natural health factors are useful for preserving and improving health, improving the quality of life of healthy people and those with chronic non-infectious diseases and people with respiratory difficulties. Today we know that the immediate benefit of such a program, lasting two to four weeks, is sufficient to achieve improval of the quality of life that lasts one year.

Below the Hotel Medena is promenade which stretches for 2 kilometers and walking through it, especially in autumn and winter periods when the air quality is greatest and when the amount of aerosols in the air is highest, gets the “effect” healing factors on human health. Besides that, air is enriched with marine aerosol and spray drops of essential oils of aromatic plants. Inhalation of this fragrant and clean air refreshes the lungs, facilitates breathing, creates a sense of well-being and good mood.