Our program is based on fasting with the consumption of fresh juices from fruit and vegetables. The benefits of these juices are numerous.

Fruit and vegetables are the best way of natural self-healing.

Raw and fresh fruits and vegetables are the best natural defense of the body from various chronic diseases. Instead of chewing the fruit, it is always better to squeeze the juice from fruits and vegetables that you find in your fridge.

This food provides energy, helps digestion, and contributes to the long-lasting life. Digestive dysfunction today is the problem of many people, and the best solution to start the bowel and digestion are raw juices that help the elimination of harmful toxins and bacteria from the colon. A lack of nutrients can easily be replaced by fresh juices from fruits and vegetables. These juices are a source of easily digestible and quickly available vitamins and minerals. Also juices can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Fresh juices are a great help in losing weight. In addition to quantitative fullfill stomach and keep you fuller, juices accelerate fat loss and prevent possible development of heart disease, diabetes and liver and bile disease. Fresh juices are improving mood. Many mental disorders are due to the lack of nutrients in the body. During consumption of juices vitamins play a key role in the body and act as catalysts in the body.