What is Detox

Detoxification is the process in which the body naturally releases toxins accumulated over time, which aggravate and prevent body from proper functioning. The poisons are eliminated from the body through the feces, urine and skin.  Every cell in our body is a living organism that needs oxygen and a healthy diet. Toxins accumulate in the body because of the consumption of unhealthy foods, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, as well as by entering pesticides, lead and cleaning agents. We can also add stress, fast lifestyle and a lack of physical activity. Healthy and vital life processes take place only when the process of cell death and regeneration of new healthy cells are in perfect balance. Right here, we can find the main reason why the post with the consumption of soft drinks as a process of detoxifying is the simplest and the best way for healing and rejuvenating our body.

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The symptoms by which we can recognize that the body is poisoned are: headaches, allergies, damaged skin, odor and bad breath, depression, indigestion, poor concentration, poor memory, fatigue, weight gain, and in the worst cases degenerative diseases such as cysts and various other formations.

The best time for the process of detoxification is during the spring and summer, because in the winter time the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and other healthy and fresh food is reduced. During the process of detoxification, the best solution is to consume freshly squeezed juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables. The most important thing is the input of sufficient quantities of fluids, water, unsweetened tea and clear soups. Fresh salads, fruit and vegetables, and whole grains, brown rice and barley that promote bowel movement and digestion are also preferred.

Slika preuzeta sa www.snappygoat.com

It is strictly forbidden to consume fast food, alcohol, cigarettes, soft drinks, fatty foods, large amounts of salt, sweets and snack during the process of detoxification s. It is desirable to do an enema with a lot of physical activity, especially walking. Hotel Medena is an ideal location for the detox program because of its environment suitable for long walks in the fresh sea air.

Slika preuzeta sa www.snappygoat.com