About fasting and what is it for

Post helps our body restore the natural balance. Many people testify that fasting helped them restore energy, concentration and positive attitude.

  1. After the first 3 days of fasting a process of autolysis or selfdigestion starts to develop. When it comes to autolysis body first begins to melt diseased, damaged, old and dead cells. In other words, after three days of fasting, our body begins to eliminate the first things it doesn’t need, and these are unhealthy accumulation of various toxins, tumors, abscesses, damaged tissue and fat.
  2. Because the tissues and cells that do not serve us are eliminated first, there is room for new healthy cells. That’s beginning of the process of rejuvenation.
  3. Body has five organs of purification: liver, lungs, kidneys, skin cancer. During fasting accumulated toxins in our body are eliminated. That’s why we help our intestines with enema once a day to cleanse them from accumulated and ballast unnecessary poisons.
  4. Fasting with the help of freshly squeezed juices allows digestive organs to have a break. After fasting, the digestion and the body can use a lot more nutritional substances.


After fasting not only our bodies function better and have more energy but we look younger, fitter, with raised stream of consciousness, glands and hormones stabilize and the biochemical and mineral balance in tissues is established again.