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We all feel that way of life that is full of obligations, unhealthy decisions in choosing food and everyday stress (relationships, outstanding obligations, short deadlines for home and business projects …) negatively affects our health. Year after year we accumulate extra pounds, the body is full of toxins, and the head is full of tensions and discontent.

Fast program at Hotel Medena is an excellent opportunity to cleanse your body from unhealthy habits and food dependency, clear your mind and restore vitality. With international and yearlong experience in fast programs under the expert guidance of Maja Zupancic, fasting with juices, movement, laughter and education is primarily a way and opportunity for weight loss and regeneration of the body.

What happens to your body when you fast?

In the first 24 to 48 hours of fasting glycogen stores which are located in the liver and muscles begin to discharge. After two to four days the body begins to dissipate energy from the reserves, such as degenerative tissue and fat in the body. That leads to intensive cleaning and healing of the body.

  • The following are some common side effects of fasting:
  1. Your digestive system will take a rest
  2. You’ll give your body the ability to break bad eating habits
  3. You’ll achieve greater mental clarity
  4. You will feel the lightness of the body and increase energy
  5. Sleep improves
  6. Rejuvenation – nicer skin will make you look more beautiful and healthier
  7. Weight loss

Swollen feet are usually returned to the old in the first few days of fasting.