Why Hotel Medena?


Hotel Medena is the perfect location for relaxing the mind and body. Here you’ll find an oasis of peace where you can escape from everyday stress and busy lifestyle. On location by the sea and the fresh sea air you can identify yourself with nature and “escape” from everyday problems. Just for you, in Hotel Medena we have hired top experts with whose leadership for a few days your body can once again return to its original state.
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How many times have you started a diet nutrition, due to the desire to reduce weight or for medical reasons, but in the end you’ve returned to old habits? With our detoxification program you do not have to worry that this will happen. The group will be led by professional staff, and every day there will be an elaborate program of activities and socializing. With much laughter and positive energy you will not have the feeling of hunger and discontent, but you will enjoy the fine natural prepared fruit and vegetable juices, as well as the abundance of various salads.

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Daily physical activity will take place in the beautiful landscape of the Hotel Medena and surrounding area. You will also be able to enjoy walks in the old town of Trogir and the promenade along the sea – always in good company. There will be no lack of laughter and fun the results will certainly be visible!

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